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Math made fun! Blind children playing Curve for the first time.

Math made fun! Blind children playing Curve for the first time.

We won’t say much regarding our 3rd game “Curve”, only how the blind children reacted when they played it for the first time  ( who could know… and we thought they would be bored playing a math game!).


It all happened when we visited  the Center of Training and Rehabilitation of the Blind (ΚΕΑΤ) to test the enhanced edition of “Curve”, the 3rd LEAP game for blind children: an education game which aims to help the blind understand  the graphic representation of math functions.

The children “hear” a function described by music notes sounds and try to reproduce the sound.

We present you the top answers, responding to the question “ What do you like most about the game?”, “ How would you rate it?”

  1. Now, i can stand Math!

  2. It combines music notes with math!

  3. I like that I was under time pressure!

  4. 10/10! Amazing!

             (... and our reaction: Do you really mean it? Have you played our second game, Tennis??)

     5. Just perfect!

...and the top response to the question “What did you dislike?”

- (Giggling ) That it included MATH!


Our dear kids, thank you for your spontaneous reactions.We have a blast every time we test one of our games !


"Έτσι, μπορώ να αντέξω τα μαθηματικά!"
ΔT: Ολοκληρώθηκε το “Curve”, το τρίτο δωρεάν ηλεκτ...


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Tuesday, 03 August 2021